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Campus Life

Absolute freedom from addiction.

Just like cancer is an illness one would want to treat with the best facilities and treatment available, so is the disease of addiction. Addiction to alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs is no different than any other disease - in order to heal, you nee the right people and the right place.

Addiction Campuses of Mississippi is that place.

Depending on a client’s specific needs, Addiction Campuses of Mississippi in Southaven can provide services for Detox, Residential Treatment and Outpatient Treatment. Our campus provides a safe and caring environment where clients participate in individual counseling, group counseling, classes, and outdoor activities.

Our clinical team consists of nurses, counselors, clinical supervisory personnel, as well as certified physicians who specialize in various areas of psychiatry. Our staff members are dedicated to promoting recovery, and can relate to your struggles from personal experience.

A home away from home.

Addiction Campuses of Mississippi utilizes Light House Recovery sober living just a couple of miles from the facility in Southaven, MS. Light House Recovery has facilities for both male and female patients that either don’t live in the area or do not have a living condition conducive to recovery. Our safe, secure, and monitored environment is ideal for each client. With nearly 15 acres of treatment space at Addiction Campuses of Mississippi, clients are allowed freedom of movement and thought for reflection times during our classes.

Our campus environment at Light House Recovery challenges and empowers individuals to face the disease of addiction and the underlying issues that have led them to or have resulted from that addiction. We get our clients back on track by assisting them in building a strong foundation for life and developing behavioral habits necessary to return home or to a lower level of care. This begins by maintaining an environment which provides for the safety, security, as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each client. We ensure  the daily campus life to be one of positive, emotionally corrective, and normalizing experiences.

Because addiction is a family disease, it is important that the client’s family and others important to them remain a significant part of their experience through visits, phone calls, activities, collaboration, and family therapy.

Who and what we treat

Adults: Our adult programs are uniquely designed to meet our clients where they are in their lives. We offer day and evening programming so individuals may continue to work while getting the help they need.

Substance Abuse/Addiction: Dependence or abuse of any of the following: Alcohol and/or drugs, including but not limited to, Xanax, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Lortabs, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Heroin, Spice and other synthetic drugs.

Mental Health: Mental health issues from stress to depression, excessive anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and other mood disorders. We also treat behavioral problems such as anger and impulse control issues as well as personality disorders.

Co-Occurring Disorders: Often times, substance abuse and mental health issues occur at the same time, which requires specialized treatment to ensure successful outcomes.

Providing the tools to succeed in almost any situation.

Each of our individual and group counseling sessions incorporate Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT is a key driver for how we treat addiction at Addiction Campuses of Mississippi. By getting to the root of addiction with DBT - we cut to the heart of a client’s addiction issues so that changes can be made in every aspect of their life.

Because the core of DBT involves exploring the specific background of the individual, every DBT is completely customized, based solely in the the actual experience of each individual patient. By developing a more effective means of communicating with others, this unique method of therapy helps the individual gain confidence in dealing with even the most stressful situations.

Our residential treatment program at Addiction Campuses of Mississippi includes:

Help overcoming addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs (such as benzos, Oxycotin, Lortab, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Morphine, and Hydrocodone) and illegal drugs (such as meth, cocaine, heroin/other opiates, or hallucinogens)
Emphasis on DBT in individual and group counseling
Assessments and evaluations by qualified, skilled clinicians
Assistance in developing life skills
Education about alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs
Individualized, goal-oriented treatment planning
Case management of multiple issues
Transitional planning: we’ll help you find further support and housing, such as sober living environments
Medication monitoring
Family program
Healthy, nutritious, well-prepared meals

24/7 Helpline 1-888-512-3309


Our Southaven Treatment Center specializes in serving the following areas: Desoto County MS, Southaven MS, Olive Branch MS, Hernando MS, Senatobia MS, Oxford Ms, Holly Springs MS, Tunica MS, Batesville MS, Byhalia MS, Walls MS, Shelby County TN, Memphis TN, Germantown TN, Collierville TN, Bartlett TN, Lakeland TN, Arlington TN, Millington TN, West Memphis AR